Shelter Them is all about providing Rwandan children with the skills necessary to lead productive and independent lives. That all begins with a good education, starting as early as possible. In Rwanda, primary education is provided by the government to all Rwandan children, but many families, often headed by single mothers, cannot afford the cost of private and expensive early childhood education


So, what did Shelter Them do?

We created our own Early Childhood Development Centre in Gateko.

The school opened in early 2021 in the community centre built by Shelter Them. Currently there are nearly 100 students under six years of age. Not only do these children benefit, but four of our caregivers are receiving training, giving them new skills that will give them an opportunity for an independent future. So, everyone benefits from the program

 There are many advantages to early childhood education:

  • Kids stay in school longer

  • They are more likely to be employed in high skill jobs

  • Their future earnings are increased by as much as 25%

  • And in Third World countries, improved nutrition enables children to achieve their full physical, cognitive, and social potential

  • And as an additional benefit, caregivers can learn improved parenting skills