Community Development

Shelter Them agrees with the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. Community development is the last stage towards the social-economic transformation of Shelter Them beneficiaries. This program entails encouraging our beneficiaries to work hard to generate their own income and acquire skills that will enable them to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. The community development program has supported the development of two cooperatives, a farming and saving cooperative and a sewing cooperative. Shelter Them has used local labour in its various building projects in Gateko, and we have supplied the community with access to fresh water, which is vital to all the work conducted in Gateko. 

Farming and Saving Cooperative
The Farming and Saving Cooperative empowers adult beneficiaries of Shelter Them to change their livelihood economically…
Sewing Cooperative
Shelter Them provides adults, mostly women, in the Gateko community with a chance to become self-sufficient by learning…
Local Labour Opportunities
Shelter Them has provided many opportunities for men and women in Gateko to achieve independence through their own…
Access to Water
In the area where Shelter Them is based there is shortage of water in the neighborhood communities