Family Support

Shelter Them cannot achieve our educational goals without at the same time providing support to the children’s families. This support includes not only housing, medical care, and emergency relief, but also addresses issues such as parenting skills, mental health, and social integration. Shelter Them recognizes the continuing impact to the Rwandan genocide against Tutsis of 1994 and its aftermath. Our goal is to help to overcome the social and psychological impacts of that tragedy, and assist parents, many of whom were children of the genocide, to transition from dependence to independence and empowerment. 

Emergency Support
Many families in Gateko are vulnerable, and Shelter Them sometimes needs to intervene with temporary emergency support.…
Psychosocial Counselling
Psychosocial counselling is a service organized by our Community Support Manager. Shelter Them recognizes the lasting…
Medical Insurance
Families who are experiencing poverty are one short step away from tragedy in the event of illness, trauma, or serious…
Shelter Support
For the children in our care to thrive, their families must have access to adequate housing. Families struggling with…