Community Development

This program is the last stage towards the social-economic transformation of Shelter Them beneficiaries. This program entails encouraging our beneficiaries to work hard and generate their own income. It requires also to provide the tools needed so as to equip our beneficiaries to become resilient and build the confidence to overcome the challenges which can discourage them to succeed.  The community development program consists of supporting the development of our beneficiaries’ cooperatives. Currently Shelter Them supports two cooperatives, that is sewing cooperative, and farming and saving cooperative

Farming and Saving Cooperative
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Capacity Building
A farming cooperative which helps the community and provides an independent and sustainable future.
Women’s Sewing Cooperative
Providing caregivers and other women in the community the skills and opportunity for an independent future.
Access to Water
In the area where Shelter Them is based there is shortage of water in the neighborhood communities