To ensure the safety and well being of the children in our care, Shelter Them decided to build a primary school where all ECD children will move after their ECD education.  

Our education program currently supports 85 primary school students. There is a publicly funded primary school in Gateko, but despite the efforts of our Shelter Them staff to encourage improvement, the level of education our boys and girls have received has not been satisfactory, and their safety and well being cannot be ensured. So, to achieve a smooth transition for our children from ECDC to primary school, we decided that the best solution would be to build our own primary school in Gateko. In fact, the first stage of its foundation is already completed. As with the ECDC, the primary school will be for all children in Gateko and the surrounding area, not just for the children supported by Shelter Them.


As you might imagine, the cost of this venture is considerable. The total cost for the school is expected to be approximately $75,000 USD, and over 10% of the cost has already been covered. Do you agree that quality education is crucial to an independent, productive future? These youngsters would like walls and a roof for their new primary school. Can you help? If so, go to our donate page and donate now!



Our "Chromebooks for Kids" campaign ran in Newfoundland over Christmas, 2022. Through the generosity of our supporters, we were able to purchase eight new Chromebooks, and another two were donated. They are being used now by the older ECDC children and hopefully they will be used in our primary school once it's completed. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 30- 35 Chromebooks to develop some online learning opportunities, thereby increasing the quality of education offered to our children. Would you like to contribute to this program? Go to our homepage and donate, so we can purchase more Chromebooks to help give these youngsters a boost to their education.