Local Labour Opportunities 

Shelter Them has provided many opportunities for men and women in Gateko to achieve independence through their own labour. Since moving its operations from Kigali to Gateko, Shelter Them has transformed Gateko. We have built a community centre for the ECDC and other community uses, as well as 19 houses, a drying facility for crops and a community well. Construction has begun on a new primary school for Gateko and the surrounding community. For all of these projects, Shelter Them has, wherever possible, used local labour. Providing jobs is not a planned program of Shelter Them, but these various building projects have given men and women in the community the opportunity to acquire skills and experience that can empower them to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. In the same way, the caregivers working in the Early Childhood Development Centre are also acquiring skills and confidence to become self-sufficient.