Farming and Saving Cooperative

Farming and Saving Cooperative comprises Shelter Them beneficiary’s adults determined to change their livelihood economically through farming. This cooperative is made of 36 members currently but the number is increasing as new members keep joining them. This project was initiated with intend to empower Shelter Them beneficiaries after so many years these people depended fully on Shelter Them to acquire all their basic needs of life including food, clothes, shelter, medical care, ect….

The whole idea to embark on this initiative is to ensure that all Shelter Them beneficiaries become self-reliant economically where they will be able to provide the basic needs of life to their own children, so that Shelter Them would help more others in need.  The Saving and Farming Cooperative is in need of their own land where they will extend their farming activities to be able to reach their ultimate goal.