Sewing Cooperative 


 Shelter Them provides adults, mostly women, in the Gateko community with a chance to become self-sufficient by learning the craft of sewing. Through this program, these women are developing a full range of Made in Rwanda garments and accessories. Shelter Them got the project started, but now all decisions are made by the co-op members themselves as they develop their business. The plan is to make Berwa Iwacu, as the co-op is called, a completely independent social enterprise, owned by our trained caregivers and by the other stakeholders involved, and to grow by training others, giving skills and hope to more and more vulnerable people in Bugesera. So far, they have produced school uniforms, face masks for COVID-19 and have started their own local fashion line. As one member has said, “Don’t give us clothes, give us the know-how to make clothes.” That is exactly what Shelter Them is doing.