Shelter Support

Families struggling with extreme poverty need homes where children can feel safe and secure. Shelter Them works with children who have been abandoned, who have experienced extreme poverty, who might be disabled, and whose parents might suffer from chronic disease, or from mental or social problems. Many of the families we support are headed by single mothers. Adequate housing can go a long way to start these families on the road to an independent and sustainable future. By the end of 2022, Shelter Them built 19 houses for 19 families in Gateko. In 2023, we assisted eight families to secure rental housing, and made donations of furniture to improve living conditions. This building project is ongoing, and we plan to build more houses for other vulnerable people as we secure funds for this important need.


Would you like to help to provide a safe, secure home for a vulnerable family in Gateko? If so, please go to our donate page and help to provide safe housing for vulnerable families in Gateko.