Every child should have the right to achieve to her or his fullest potential. That is why Shelter Them supports young people who have that ability and desire to attend high school and even move on to post-secondary education. At the end of 2023, there were 37 secondary school students in our education program. Three of them have already passed their national high school examination, which allows them to enroll in an entrepreneur program in university. They will join nine more of our young people currently studying in university. Two others have already graduated from university and have embarked on the independent careers they have chosen!


Bio-Diversity Program for Secondary Students

This program started as a pilot project connecting students in Rwanda and Israel. It operates through partnership between four entities: Shelter Them, Israel-Rwanda Youth Development, the Harmony Foundation and This is My Earth. The IRYD and Harmony Foundation provide financial and technical assistance to the operations of this program. Students from both schools learn the importance of and practical actions for conserving biodiversity, experience group decision-making while identifying habitat for protection, enhance language and communication skills, and develop new skills in agriculture and other fields to protect biodiversity. The goals of the bio-diversity program align with the priorities of the Rwandan government.

No Limits to Success – Our College and University Students 

Shelter Them believes that every child has the right to achieve to the best of their abilities, and so we support outstanding students in our care even past secondary schoolWithout the guidance and support of Shelter Them over the years, the children in our care could not have imagined a life that was not dictated by poverty. Today, two of our young adults have already graduated from university. As of 2023, nine others are currently enrolled in college or university in various programs. They are on their way to determining their own course towards a sustainable and independent future. They have made their way through their own hard work and ability, but those abilities could never have been realized without Shelter Them. Below are the young adults of whom we are so proud.

Our Graduates

Marcel Iradukunda has graduated from Mount Kenya University Rwanda. He majored in Mass Media and Communication.

Khesia Niyonsenga has graduated from the University of Kigali. She majored in Business Management and Accounting.

Students Currently Studying in College or University

Jean d’Amour Iradukunda is in Year 4 at the University of Rwanda. He attends the College of Business and Economics and will graduate in Business and Information Technology.

Aline Uwatese is currently enrolled in Year 4 at Mount Kenya University Rwanda. She will graduate in Business Management in the Department of International Business.

Kevine Uwumuhoza is currently in Year 2 at  Mount Kenya University Rwanda. She is studying Mass Media and Communication.

Sandrine Niyigena is currently studying Business Management in Year 2 at Mount Kenya University Rwanda.

Josette Mbabazi is currently in Year 3 doing Tourism and Travel Management in the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) in Kitabi.

Shakila Uwimana is currently in Year 3 doing Culinary Arts  at IPRC Musanze.

Daniel Kalamuzi is currently doing a diploma course in Cyber Security & Networking at ISBAT University in Kampala Uganda.

Kevine Ikirezi  was awarded a scholarship to study Entrepreneur Leadership at the African Leadership University. She began her program in May, 2023.

Elie Itangishaka finished high school two years ago, has worked as a chef, and has returned to school at the Integrated Barista Training Centre in Kigali.  He began his program in May, 2023

We are so proud of these young people who have worked so hard to achieve their dreams. Listen to some of them as they comment on the impact of Shelter Them on their lives. (The video was produced by Marcel Iradukunda, our recent university graduate!)




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