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Small and landlocked, Rwanda is hilly and fertile with a population of about 13 million people (2020). Known for its breathtaking scenery and warm, friendly people offer unique experience in one of the most remarkable countries in the world. Rwanda is often referred to as the “land of a thousand hills”. The capital city is Kigali, located in the Centre of the country.

The political, social and economic context of Rwanda is profoundly affected by its past dark history of colonization which brought ethnic division among one people and led to the several conflicts at the extend of reaching the final plan to exterminate one group of Rwandan (Tutsi) in 1994 genocide against tutsi, and the country continues to deal with the consequences up to date.

Though their lives have been a struggle, we hope to give them a bright future that they can feel proud of achieving

To address these issues there is a need for a holistic approach which start in the family to the community. It is important to understand the root causes of the problems each family members have gone through so as to tackle adequately the real issue. Most of the time the mental health is the problem, and this become the cause of the disarrays affecting the lives of children. Therefore, as we provide solutions to the physical appearances of the problem we need to ensure that we deal with psychological issues.

Shelter Them Batarure has dealt with vulnerable children for a while and has learned that most of the problems they face are the results of their families history. Shelter Them has come up with a strategy to assist the children in providing quality of education with all connected services which go with it, while dealing with the mental health of their parents at the same time providing an emergency support.


Embracing their potential to be self reliant is what we want for them. To see people come from extreme poverty to life full of joy, children succeeding at school and parents now being able to care and feed them is amazing to see.  These are our 4 key areas that we believe has and will continue to help...


  • Education

  • Community Development

  • Family Support


Early Childhood Development
Boys and girls from poor and disadvantaged families deserve a fair chance for a happy, productive, and independent…
Primary School
Education doesn't end for young children and we know it has to continue to have a great future
Secondary and Post Secondary Education
At the end of 2022, there were 29 secondary school students in our education program. There are nine of our young people…
Farming and Saving Cooperative
The Farming and Saving Cooperative empowers adult beneficiaries of Shelter Them to change their livelihood economically…
Sewing Cooperative
Shelter Them provides adults, mostly women, in the Gateko community with a chance to become self-sufficient by learning…
Local Labour Opportunities
Shelter Them has provided many opportunities for men and women in Gateko to achieve independence through their own…
Access to Water
In the area where Shelter Them is based there is shortage of water in the neighborhood communities
Emergency Support
Many families in Gateko are vulnerable, and Shelter Them sometimes needs to intervene with temporary emergency support.…
Psychosocial Counseling
Psychosocial counselling is a service organized by our Community Support Manager. Shelter Them recognizes the lasting…
Medical Insurance
Families who are experiencing poverty are one short step away from tragedy in the event of illness, trauma, or serious…
Shelter Support
For the children in our care to thrive, their families must have access to adequate housing. Families struggling with…

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