Papi's story so far..... 

Papi has a successful story, we are proud of him. From being a street child to succeeding in life and helping others! Papi said that his goal in life was to help Shelter Them with the younger kids. He says, “I hope they turn me into a man with the love they help with.” His wish has been granted, or rather, he worked to make himself that man.

Through the help and guidance of Jules and his staff at Shelter Them, and also of Rogers Kimuli and Derrick Gisa at Journey House, Papi has become the man he hoped to be. One who understands a life of poverty, has experienced its struggles, and has dedicated his life to helping others in a similar situation. Papi’s life is heroic, but he would not have come through his journey without Shelter Them.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, but is is people with the dedication and commitment of Jules and his staff who can create heroes. And they could not do their jobs without the support and encouragement of people in Canada and the US who have given so generously to change lives in Rwanda.     

Papi is not the only hero in this story, but one of them!

Papi we love you