Go Jesse Go!

On Oct 25th, 2015, Jesse Brown participated in the International Marathon from Buffalo to Niagara Falls and is raising funds in support of Shelter Them. 
Shelter Them was birthed in the hearts of Rwandan genocide survivors, Josephine & Jocelyne in 2005. In just a few short years Shelter Them has grown from a small feeding program into a recognized charitable organization, rescuing the homeless orphans in Rwanda and giving them a chance to become a part of Rwandas bright future. 
His goal..."In the next five years, the goal for Shelter Them is to build a "Shelter Them" village on land provided by the Rwandan government, with centralized homes, a school and community center. Your help is needed as we embark on our next phase of growth and you can show your support by donating to Jesse's campaign, with 100% of funds raised going directly to Shelter Them"...

Message from Jesse...

When I was in Rwanda( fall 2014) I met this amazing young man named Kagarama John Bosco Bright. Bright works with an organization called Shelter Them which has a strong Canadian and Newfoundland connection. Shelter Them is dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda receive the basics of life. Bright has a passionate commitment to this mission. Bright, through incredible perseverance, has managed to educate himself with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. He believes any skills he can learn through being educated, will be beneficial in making his country a better place. Bright’s desire is to further his training by studying to achieve his Masters of Social Work degree. I believe the future of countries like Rwanda, is in the hands of people like Bright and those who are fostered through Shelter Them.

They want to make a difference in their own lives and those around them. From their perspective, education is a means of making Rwanda a better place for all to live. The idea of new life through education has captured my heart in a special way. This fall I am competing in the Niagara Falls International Marathon, October 25 th . The Marathon starts in Buffalo, NY and ends at the Canadian Horseshoe Falls! My hope and prayer is to use this event to raise the awareness of Shelter Them and what it does in Rwanda and also to solicit donations which will be used to support the children of Shelter Them.