Want to See the Face of Generosity? --- Meet Connor Rogers

This is Connor Rogers, from Paradise, Newfoundland. At 11 years of age, Connor has already been a tireless supporter of Shelter Them for over half his life. Connor learned about Shelter Them from his Grandma Judy.

As Connor says, “Around Thanksgiving when I was 4 years old, she wanted me to learn that there were many people in this world who have so little in their life.” So, he set out to learn about people in other countries and how he could help them. “I started out by doing chores and activities at Grandma’s house, and she would pay me.” From there he got involved in other activities, like making and selling snowman ornaments and doing chores for Grandpa in their yard, like cleaning up pinecones and picking dandelions. But he had advice for Grandpa: “Grandpa should be careful when he promises to pay me $1.00 for each flower because I picked lots!” He has conducted tours of his Christmas exhibit at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and “sometimes people just donated money to help me raise money to buy goats for people in Rwanda.” Both Connor and Judy are generous supporters of our Early Childhood Development Centre in Gateko, the preschool where children in the community under 6 years of age receive a solid start on their education journey. Most recently, Connor donated $130 from all his efforts to Shelter Them’s 100 Days of Change. What an amazing young man!

Judy says that all Connor’s work has made him aware of the needs of other people: “I will never forget the night we were saying a little prayer and he said, “Please God, don’t let them eat the goats!’” Today, thanks to his efforts and to the generosity of all our supporters of Shelter Them, there is little chance of that happening because we have begun to build a stable and sustainable future for the families and children we serve in Rwanda. Connor set out on his journey to learn about people in other countries, but we in turn can all learn from Connor about generosity and kindness and compassion.

As Christmas approaches, are you able to help Connor and Shelter Them to advance our mission? To our families in Rwanda, any contribution will help to improve their lives. So if you are able, please go to our website www.sheltethem.com and make a donation. Our families, and Connor, will thank you!