About Us


Shelter Them-Rwanda’s Mission is to empower vulnerable and underprivileged children in Rwanda, by first ensuring they are integrated in an environment where their basic growth and development needs are met, and by then providing them and their families with the tools and resources they need to have a bright, independent and sustainable future!

Our Values

We all know how life can be difficult.  Especially if you don't have the opportunities that others take for granted.  We know that there are many people who just need a little help to get on their feet.  Whether that is education, housing, love or to hear that they are not alone.  We believe that if you have been given much you should help others get up.  It is this that we see as our responsibility to do to these people and we know that it takes a team to accomplish it.  Wherever you are on this beautiful Earth we have been given, you can always help out and  care for people who need help

Our Faith

Food for the Body and Hope for the Soul is how we operate.  Shelter Them is dedicated to working with Rwanda’s underprivileged and vulnerable people, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

We are all God’s children and Shelter Them gives to these people we care about the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope it brings.

“We help them find a hope and a future for themselves and their familes

— Jules Higiro - Country Director

Our History

Shelter Them–Rwanda is a fully independent grassroots NGO, as recognized by the government of Rwanda.

Shelter Them Poverty Relief is an organization comprised entirely of volunteers, based in Canada, whose primary role is to provide funding for the various programs of Shelter Them-Rwanda. Currently, we support a total of 237 children living in 24 homes, spread between Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and the village of Gateko in the Bugesera District.

Shelter Them is NOT about aid. Shelter Them–Rwanda exists and operates with the single goal of allowing all the children and caregivers it serves to have a choice in the way their lives evolve, rather than having an inevitable future linked to poverty imposed on them. We are working to achieve that goal through education and capacity building.


Since 2005 Shelter Them has had amazing growth.  We started off as a feeding program twice a week where street kids would come for a home cooked meal and have a church service, counselling and some people to talk to who care.  We have had homes where 4 or 5 kids could live and be cared for by a mother.  We also have seen much growth in the lives of those we helped.  From being a top 3 students in the country, university graduate and some moving on with their lives feeling whole and loved.  We thank God for the chance to see such an amazing transformation in so many lives

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Our Leadership Team

Tau Gauthier

Country Director

Gloria Nyiramariza

Family Coordinator

Julius Twahirwa

Education Coordinator

Sylvine Mukagatete

Community Support Manager

Marcel Iradukunda

Sponsorship Manager and Public Relations


Our ECDC Caregivers


  Nadine Kamikazi

  Espèrence Nyirangabire

  Betty Nyirahabineza

  Françoise Bayavugirubusa

  Béatrice Nakure 

  Dativa Masengesho 

  Naome Nyiramana 

  Drocelle Tuyizere


Jules Higiro - Country Director

Jocelyne Alexandre - Chair

Cyusa Mucyowiraba Léandre - Trustee

Sandra Haile Brugger - Trustee

David Jenkins - Fundraising Director

Golou Naderi - Risk Governance and Audit Trustee

Immaculee Kayitare - Trustee

George Kwehangana - Trustee

Shelter Them Canada Board of Trustees

Josephine Murphy - Chair

Jocelyne Alexandre - Vice Chair

Jim Banning - Treasurer

Golou Naderi - Trustee

Daphne Wells - Trustee

Sharon Robson - Trustee


Shelter Them USA Board of Trustees

Sharon Banning - President

Sherry Jenkins - Vice president

James Baning - Treasurer

David Jenkins - Secretary

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